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I'm a lifestyle & wedding photographer based out of the crazy beautiful central New York.  Im a mother, wifey, ex surgical laser specialist && here is a little about my life.  The two gorgeous kids, handsome man && lil weenie pictured above are my everything.  Jay, an army veteran  I ended up getting a jump start on life a little early and had my children in my early 20's, no regrets, they gave me a purpose && I get to snuggle them a little longer :) Even though they are in their teens now and my son is not so fond of the snugs anymore. Having them young, being a single mom, I grew up fast, and found myself settled into an amazing career field of cosmetic & surgical lasers for 13 years. For almost a decade I was traveling the east coast, never in one place for too long. Time passed by fast and I sacrificed a lot of time at home with my family & children. I missed out on a lot of amazing things other mothers got to enjoy and it took its toll on me. I knew I needed a change. In the fall of 2018 I could finally dedicate & focus 100% on my art & love of photography.  It has been the best thing for my life. More time home with my family, and pursuing my passion. I am incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love, meet new people, && capture moments & love that will be remembered for years to come. 

I’m not about making you do the awkward prom poses because lets keep it real, they suck. I want you to feel comfortable & have your photos capture your true story. The real love you have. The real relationship you share.  All the little things that make it what it is are always the big things that make it authentic are rare.  

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